Yankee Stadium
By jimmy@section411.com
By Jimmy Sawczuk
Published · 2 min. read

Yankee Stadium

Former home of the New York Yankees

Bronx, NY
Also known as: Old Yankee Stadium
Inactive since: September 21, 2008
First visit: July 28, 2008
Total visits: 1

This is the relevant excerpt of a post I wrote after returning from a trip that included visits to both stadiums in New York, as well as the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

Yankee Stadium is perhaps the most legendary venue in all of sports (except for maybe The Horseshoe). If you have watched ESPN at all in the last year, you know that this is the final season at Yankee Stadium and so I wanted to catch a game there before it was closed. Seats this season are in high demand – the ones closest to the field go for as high as $2500 a seat. Our seats were 1/100th of that, but still had a pretty nice view.

One thing that you don’t see in the pictures are the concourses. Both stadiums had narrow concourses (as most are in old stadiums) but for some reason Yankee Stadium’s seemed a lot less claustrophobic. The concourses in Yankee Stadium had the appearance of a New York subway station, which was a nice touch.

We weren’t able to see Monument Park – for some reason it was closed just after we got to the park. There is a picture of it from afar in my gallery.

Apart from that, I feel Yankee Stadium is the absolute best place to watch a baseball game, in terms of atmosphere, history, and the fans – in fact, it might be the best place to watch a sporting event period.