Shea Stadium
By Jimmy Sawczuk
Published · 1 min. read

Shea Stadium

Former home of the New York Mets

Queens, NY
Inactive since: September 28, 2008
First visit: July 27, 2008
Total visits: 1

This is the relevant excerpt of a post I wrote after returning from a trip that included visits to both stadiums in New York, as well as the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

Shea Stadium is also in its final season, but because no one is really going to miss it, it’s not quite getting the same attention. Whereas Yankee Stadium is a park that is completely designed for baseball, it’s apparent that Shea Stadium was also designed to play football and the shape is a little unnatural. The prices at Shea were also a little higher – a hot dog there costs $4.75 compared to Yankee Stadium’s $3. Overall, I was a bigger fan of Yankee Stadium than I was of Shea, but the seats at Shea were pretty nice too.