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Hey there! I'm Jimmy. I run the place.

I'm a native Ohioan from Perry, Ohio. In 2009, I got a degree in computer science from Case Western Reserve University, and moved to Columbia, South Carolina to work at LoudDoor. I made the most of my eight years in Columbia: I met my wife Sara and many other wonderful friends, and had a ton of unforgettable experiences. In September 2017, I moved to the Charlotte area and started a new job at Red Ventures. In April 2018, Sara and I got married.

In my spare time, I prefer to be outside. I'm an avid runner and cyclist but I also enjoy just walking around, whether it's a trail in the woods or the streets of a city. I'm a diehard Cleveland Indians fan, and if there's a game on and I'm not at the stadium, you can bet I'm watching on TV or following along on my phone. I also maintain a handful of side projects.

And as for this site? I wrote about why it's named Section 411 in this post, but the short version is that section 411 at Jacobs (now Progressive) Field – perched in the third deck high above right field in moonshot home run territory – is one of my favorite places to be in the world. While it's not the closest section to the field, it offers a unique perspective that I hope to bring to my writing, whether it's about my latest ballpark visit or my favorite movie scores.

Thanks for visiting and reading. Hope you enjoy.

— Jimmy

About Jimmy

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